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Opening ceremony - first competition day - 19.06.2014 - WUC Karate, Bar 2014

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Second preparation day - 18th June - WUC Karate, Bar 2014.

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Three months till Championship start

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WUC karate 2014 - entries deadlines

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WUC karate 2014 - one year to go

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Montenegro will be host of the 9th World University Karate Championship 2014

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Welcome speech FISU President

Dear friends,

You are all here in Bar today to attend or participate in the 2014 9th World University Karate Championship.

This event is part of FISU’s wonderful programme featuring 24 World University Championships in 2014; back in 2012, these championships had gathered 4,384 student athletes.

The World University Championships have been organized since 1962 under the auspices of FISU in 53 countries across the 5 continents, and they have gathered over 59,000 participants. In 2012, the number of World University Championships passed the 300 mark. There is no doubt that, in terms of number of participants, the 60,000 mark will be passed in 2014, making it a historic year for international university sport.

This year is marked by first editions in new disciplines. It is also worth noting that some of our members will host FISU events for the first time this year. After including basketball 3 x 3, netball and speed skating into its programme in 2012, FISU has added American football to the World University Championships program this year. In addition, after Chile and Azerbaijan entered the widening circle of FISU event organizers, Belarus, Malaysia and Singapore will organize FISU events for the first time.

The 2014 World University Championships represent the 26th edition of these competitions, which take place every two years in even-numbered years. They alternate with the Summer and Winter Universiades, which are organized in odd-numbered years.

The championships provide a large number of students, teachers and sports leaders from various backgrounds with a place, in addition to the Universiades, to meet and share their experiences and ideas. The success of the championships has regularly increased over time. This shows how dynamic FISU member National University Sports Federations are more and more of them have put themselves forward for the organization of a championship.

FISU actively supports those events and endeavors to satisfy students’ creativity and aspirations by regularly promoting innovative sports disciplines. The aim is to retain the spirit of play and encourage the development of an open and curious mind among university athletes.

As university events, these World University Championships aim at the highest technical level and Excellence, which are basic requirements in university. In this sense, your presence here is already a sign of success.

The International University Sports Federation, the National University Sports Federation of Montenegro and all the organizers wish to thank you for participating and hope that you will be warmly welcome here and find favorable conditions for the best practice of your sport.

In the name of FISU, I wish you an excellent Championship.
Claude-Louis Gallien, FISU President

OC Welcome address

It is a great pleasure to invite and welcome all athletes, officials and guests to the World University Karate Championship in Bar – Montenegro 2014.

In its long and rich history, Montenegro always knew to recognize true values and values are not just material but its maturity and its skill to build its way to European integrations on lasting and universal principle of frankness and co-existence, as old European country. Therefore we always greeted guests with a joy and open heart especially sportsmen from all meridians. We were and we will be a good host worthy of glorious Montenegrin tradition to all.

We are convinced that all participants will experience an event characteristic by high level sport, international exchange and a lovely atmosphere. As a young member of FISU and as a country we will do everything to make top-level organization and you to have nice memories from this competition.

We greet you once again and we believe that during your staying in Montenegro you will feel as at your own home.

Welcome to Bar 2014.
Organizing Committee